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Minim to present on IoT security at DHS meeting

Minim’s VP Engineering to present at the Department of Homeland Security’s Cyber Risk Economics (CYRIE) Stakeholder Exchange Meeting (SEM)

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On June 28, 2018, Alec Rooney, Minim’s VP Engineering, will be presenting at the Department of Homeland Security’s CYRIE SEM that’s focused on the Economics of IoT Security.

CYRIE is a project under the Science and Technology division of the DHS that “supports research into the business, legal, technical, and behavioral aspects of the economics of cyber-threats, vulnerabilities and controls”. The purpose of this particular SEM is to hear from industry professionals on their perspectives and expertise in IoT Security, and we’ve been asked at Minim to share our thoughts.

Alec will be presenting on “The Unlikelihood of IoT, Secure by Design and What We Can Do About It.” This topic stems from the “Secure by Design” concept that says security is at the forefront of software and hardware development. 



As Minim’s VP Engineering, Alec (pictured here) has expertise in building security-based solutions. Prior to his start at Minim, Alec held numerous engineering leadership roles in industries such as Computer Networking, Information Technology and Services, Healthcare, and Biotechnology.

The CYRIE SEM on the Economics of IoT Security will be taking place at SRI International in Arlington, VA on Thursday, June 28, 2018. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for any updates!

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