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Minim joins the RDK community

Minim open sources its router software agent for RDK-B and joins the 2018 RDK Technology Summit this week

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The 2018 RDK Tech Summit kicks off today, and we've been looking forward to it—  building up to it, in fact. One of many summits held by RDK each year, the event brings together those interested in learning about the advancements in RDK Technology and provides hands-on, interactive workshops with RDK technical leaders. We're attending and announcing our upcoming release of a new RDK-B project. 

A little background on RDK

RDK, also known as the Reference Design Kit, is a software stack designed to accelerate the deployment of next generation video and broadband services. More specifically, RDK is a "pre-integrated, open-source software distribution that provides a common framework for powering customer-premises equipment (CPE) such as set-top boxes, modem/routers and other devices from communications service providers."

Minim and RDK 

While attending the RDK Tech Summit this week, we're excited to announce that our software agent, Unum, will soon be made available for RDK-B. To give you an overview of key functionality, here's our VP Engineering, Alec Rooney: 

"Minim is working on an open source agent for RDK-B. With this agent, you will be able to monitor and identify all the varied devices that connect to your RDK-B router— including all those IoT devices. You can leverage the full power of this agent by connecting it to a compatible backend, like the Minim service. (We'll also release a developer account signup to make this even faster; signup for the mailing list below.) You will be able to download the Minim agent source, place the Minim bitbake recipe in the RDK-B directory, and build an RDK-B image for use with your router. If you are interested in beta testing the agent, please click on the link below to send us your email address and we will notify you as soon as the agent is ready for a beta test drive."

For more information, you can catch Alec at the show and sign up for our Unum for RDK-B mailing list here.

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