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Minim feature spotlight: Bandwidth Summary for operators

One of the many benefits Minim offers service providers is an understanding of bandwidth consumption by connected device in the home. Our goal with providing bandwidth consumption insights is to give visibility into how connected devices are behaving and how much bandwidth they are consuming. This information is especially helpful for service providers with data caps, which applies to 205 service providers in the U.S. as of October 2018.

Bandwidth Summary: description

As connected device behavior is tracked by Minim, we collect information on:

  • the device's bandwidth consumption
  • the device's upload and download speeds

This information is easily accessible for the service provider to see via the Minim Care Portal under the Insights tab:


 Minim Bandwidth Summary

Bandwidth Summary: benefits

Bandwidth Summary is key feature of our residential managed WiFi solution and equips service providers with detailed information about their subscribers' connected devices. As mentioned above, service providers with data caps can benefit by being more informed as to what data package they should advertise to their subscribers. However, this feature is helpful for any type of service provider.

In 2017, 37% of U.S. broadband households reported that their WiFi networks seemed slow. With the number of consumer connected devices growing— 13 billion are predicted to be in use by 2020 the number of support calls that service providers get related to WiFi performance will undoubtedly rise. 

With Minim's Bandwidth Summary, service providers can easily see what devices are bogging down the network, and give their subscribers actionable steps to take towards improving their WiFi experiences. 

What's next?

Think of all the different appliances that may exist in the home— a toaster, an oven, a dishwasher, a coffee pot. They each use electricity to operate, but a coffee pot certainly doesn't consume as much electricity as an oven does to function. This same concept applies to our IoT devices, which each require different amounts of bandwidth to properly work.

Knowing certain device behaviors and understanding how devices are operating versus how they are supposed to be operating is happening behind the scenes on the Minim platform. What's next? Stay tuned...

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