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Learning Internet Safety for Parents

The children of today grow up in a digital world. From the phones in their pockets to smart appliances in the kitchen, the internet is everywhere. As beneficial as it can be, it does come with threats that may not have been present when their parents were children. 

For many parents, this leads to increasing concerns for online safety. You know you can’t keep children off the internet altogether, but you want to protect them. This can seem daunting when you consider the variety and frequency of threats that exist online. 

Keeping children safe online requires more than simply reading up on internet safety tips for parents or using a secure VPN for encryption. This post will look at some of the challenges parents face and solutions that can help.
Internet Safety for Parents


Reviewing our earlier post on best cybersecurity practices is a good start, but more must be done to protect kids online than teaching them about strong passwords and not clicking suspicious links. Parents have to consider issues like inappropriate content, encountering strangers online, and the effects of too much screen time

Even beyond that, you may have issues with network security at home. If you are not careful, a digital intruder could compromise your home network. The various devices on your network pose a  risk of intrusion as well. 

Managing these types of risks is beyond the skill level of most parents. However, tools such as the Minim mobile app can make it easier for parents to provide robust network security for home internet connections.

Minim Provided Solutions

Minim provides an array of tools that make simplify home network security. Many of these tools also work to help parents protect children from common internet safety issues.

Parental Control

The parental controls from the Minim app make it easy to protect children from online dangers while also managing their internet use. For example, you can set your child’s device to homework mode, which limits their access to games and social media while still allowing online research. 

Minim’s parental controls also allow parents to create different user profiles. With the profile settings, you can limit screen time, filter content, pause devices, and more. It offers a much easier way to manage a child’s internet usage.

Security Center

The Minim security center is a set of tools that provide comprehensive control over all aspects of home network security. What makes this toolkit so effective is that it offers easy control from a smartphone app. You do not need to be a cybersecurity expert to get expert-level protection.

This network security system comes with admission control. That means you get a notification if an unknown device tries to connect to your network. Even if the user has your password, you still get an alert and the user requires your approval for access.

Users also get zero-day protection with the Minim security center. This intelligent system can automatically detect known vulnerabilities. When the system detects an issue, it will alert you and make recommendations.
Minim security center can secure network traffic without using Deep Packet Inspection (DPI). This ensures enhanced security without compromising privacy. The system can also protect privacy by automatically disabling or blocking features of adware and tracking software.

Parents can also guard the online safety of their families with the device isolation feature. With device isolation, you can segregate untrusted or compromised devices from the rest of the network. The security center can even detect devices that might pose a risk and recommend isolation.

The security center also features system hardening. With system hardening, your home network is protected by constant AI-powered monitoring and security updates. It offers strong protection against data breaches and other internet safety concerns.

This network security system also provides aggregated insights. The aggregated insights offer a complete history of threats and security issues on your home network. It can also provide intel on your network to help improve cybersecurity at your home.

Wrapping Up

Online safety is complex, and there are many threats facing today’s parents and children. However, home network security can protect against many of the threats your family will face. 

With the help of Minim, any parent can handle network security like a pro. Get started on a safer home network by downloading the Minim app today.

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