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Introducing Minim's mesh onboarding experience

Minim Mesh Onboarding Experience

At Minim, everything is designed with simplicity in mind. We empower ISPs and their subscribers with usable apps for better home network clarity and performance. Today, we're excited to introduce a guided user experience for unboxing Minim-enabled routers and extenders. Minim app users can now seamlessly setup their own WiFi systems in a matter of minutes. Check out the video below!

Mesh onboarding experience for GL.iNet B1300s in the Minim mobile app

The Minim platform is capable of integrating with both proprietary and open standards to power mesh network implementations and provide guided setup. The Minim app dynamically recognizes the router make/model and provides the respective instruction.

Try out Minim Home Mesh with a GL.iNet system

We're proud to have partnered with GL.iNet, a leading developer of OpenWrt pre-installed WiFi routers, to provide Minim Home Mesh. This whole home managed WiFi solution utilizes Minim-enabled GL.iNet B1300 routers to provide subscriber's with self-optimizing mesh home networks, in addition to:

  • Connected device insights
  • Router settings management
  • IoT and network-level security
  • Parental controls
  • Bandwidth usage monitoring
  • Signal strength tracking
  • Network speed testing, and more!

Network operators can now purchase GL.iNet B1300s with Minim pre-installed here



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