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How to Boost Your Home Network

According to Consumer Reports, the average consumer now views broadband internet access as a utility, just as important as water or electricity. Whether that’s due to the rise of remote work and online learning, or the increasing popularity of gaming and streaming, it’s clear that U.S. households view a fast and secure internet connection as an essential. However, many internet users still aren’t aware of network management software designed to help get the most out of their home networks.

Enter the Minim mobile app, an OpenWRT software solution that transforms home users into WiFi pros with AI-driven insights and support. The intuitive mobile software enables users to fully control their networks, keeping them safe and running at top speed without the need for a subscription. Continue reading to find out how Minim can help you do more and live better with secure connectivity.
How to boost your home network

The Minim Mobile App

Using the Minim mobile app, you can seamlessly take control of your home network, no matter your skill level in wireless network management. Some key features of the Minim mobile app include: 

  • Speed tests: Helps diagnose issues with broadband connection and wireless device speed tests. 
  • Event timeline: Shows a live feed of network events and troubleshooting alerts
  • Setup wizard: Provides easy setup guidance with a QR code scan, tips, and live updates.
  • IoT fingerprinting: Displays device descriptions and insights via proprietary 26-point technology.
  • Parental controls: Create user profiles, filter content, limit usage, pause devices, and more.
  • Intelligent notifications: Security alerts, connectivity alerts, and network recommendations.

Minim security center

Security Center

There’s no question that security is a top priority when it comes to protecting you and your family’s data from online threats. Minim applies a unique, comprehensive approach to monitoring, alerting, and defending the smart home. Minim’s most popular security features include:

  • Admission control: Gives you complete control over your home network, so you can prevent unknown devices from joining your network with admit/deny capabilities.
  • Zero-day protection: Automatically detects known vulnerabilities in your system and makes recommendations to improve security. 
  • Privacy, protected: Doesn't use deep packet inspection. It can also disable tracking and adware. 
  • Device isolation: Helps to quickly detect devices compromised with malware and pause their access to your network.
  • System hardening: Prevents data breaches and attacks on your router with around-the-clock monitoring and frequent updates. 
  • Aggregated insights: Provides a detailed history of threats and intel on your system.

For more information about Minim and our products, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can. Additionally, you can browse through some of our other articles on the blog for more content related to home networks, Minim’s solutions, and more.

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