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How Minim fixed my smart speaker's connectivity problem

A firsthand experience of how Minim improves the connected device experience

What seemed like a relaxing weekend morning quickly turned for the worse when my Amazon Echo encountered a connectivity issue that rendered it inoperable. I know I can't be the only one who has ever found themselves in such a situation before, so I thought I'd share on how it was resolved.

What happened

Alexa was telling me my Echo was having trouble connecting to the Internet. I was instructed to check the Amazon Alexa mobile app for directions on how to fix. OK, simple enough, right? Maybe not.

I was genuinely surprised at how complicated the directions were! See here:


 Screenshot from my Amazon Alexa app

Minim to the rescue

Rather than attempt to follow the list of suggestions from Alexa (above shows one of the 5 pages of instructions I was told to follow!), I opened my Minim mobile app. There, I was told my Amazon Echo was not connected to the Internet and knew the easiest next-step would be to reboot my router— which I was able to do easily by tapping the Reboot Router button in my Minim mobile app. My problem was solved in a matter of minutes.

This experience made me think about how I would have tried solving this problem before having Minim. I can say with certainty that I would have never known how to execute the steps Alexa had told me to follow, which meant I'd likely have had to call my ISP for help.

Instead of digging into the weeds to update my router's firmware and security settings, or having to physically touch either device, I was able to remotely reboot my router from the Minim mobile app and get back to my peaceful morning. Thanks, Minim.

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