Minim's platform fingerprints devices and develops behavioral models for optimization and security.

Minim App
Minim quantum fingerprinting


Using machine learning, Minim converts observed device behavior into a clear identity.

Minim mobile app - router view

Usable technology

Minim's mobile and web apps make it easy for homes and service providers to manage their WiFi.

Database of things

Minim is building real-world insights on IoT performance, usable intel for industry leaders. 

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Automatically IDs connected devices



Knows devices by type, brand, model, OS, etc.



Analyzes device behavior for malware detection


Router notifications

Sends notifications when a router goes online/offline

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Usage insight

Provides bandwidth utilization charts 

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Signal strength

Tracks signal strength by device over time 

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Speed test

Conducts tests for true upload/download speeds

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AI recommendations

Suggests algorithmic-based improvements

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Device notifications

Notifies when a new device joins the network

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Enables device assignment and parental controls 


Parental controls

Enables device and profile pausing


Usable apps

Offers a simple apps for service providers and homes

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Router agent 

Minim has created a light-weight agent for routers that performs passive analysis and active probing. Minim's agent works with our cloud service to deliver the visibility needed to manage and secure the home network.


IoT database

Minim is building an IoT database of connected devices with attributes, vulnerabilities, and behaviors. We use this database for decision making in our security and device management services.