Minim's solutions help make home WiFi faster and secure, making life simpler. 

Minim App

Minim for ISPs

Improve remote customer service 

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are typically the first call for customers who have network issues. But, ISPs lack the visibility to remotely help, resulting in truck rolls that cost $8M annually on average.  Minim can help:

  • Remotely diagnose and remediate issues
  • View clear subscriber context 
  • Shorten call times 
  • Give customers a self-care app to reduce calls
Minim IoT security for ISPs
Minim computer

Minim for tech support

Be an IoT-ready support provider

For smart home and office support services, IoT presents big network management and security challenges. There are enterprise network management options, but they can be hefty and expensive. Minim can help:

  • Reduce on-site support time
  • Add recurring revenue for security services
  • Give customers Minim's self-care app 
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Minim for IoT device makers

Access our connected device catalog 

By 2020, over 20 billion connected devices will enter homes— many of them, unmanaged appliances. If you're manufacturing a connected device, you may want some intel on how yours and others behave in the real world. Minim can help:

  • Access our device database 
  • Review adverse interactions between devices
  • Recommend WiFi settings  for performance
Minim with IoT devices
Router in living room

Minim for router makers 

Enhance your devices with an IoT agent

As consumers and ISPs select routers for increasingly complex home networks, router manufacturers must compete on support features. But, building  these capabilities requires continuous intel on the ever-growing number of IoT devices' make, model, OS, and behavior. Minim can help:

  • Add a smart IoT agent to your routers
  • Reduce average support call time
  • Increase sales with security-focused consumers